1. pete101's Avatar
    I just got a replacement blackberry and i am leaving my network in 2 weeks and i didnt want to go through the hassle of deregistering the pin with the unknowledgeable customer services.

    does just putting my sim card into the handset and switching it on automatically registers it to my network?

    i did get a welcome email saying 'your device has been registered to the network'

    i then logged into my BIS account but did not move the emails over but a message came up saying that emails had stopped to my previous device.

    i assume it's too late now and i'll have to deregister the pin.. grrr...

    but for future reference, how do i be pre emptive if i am in this situation again if i do not want my pin registered to a specific carrier, is putting the sim in already too late?
    07-20-10 10:30 AM