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    I know this is a bit of a daft question but I don't know the answer thats why I am asking.

    I have a T-Mobile UK 8900 and I am currently in France. My plan covers unlimited data and BIS in the UK. When I have been overseas before the roaming costs for BIS has not been that much and I have never worried about it.

    However in France I now have wifi and I have connected my 8900 up to it. My question is do all data services go via wifi as a first choice if available? Or is there something I need to do to make sure that the handset is not using the phone network. I am not so much worried about email its things like Twitterberry that I would like to use but am worried about getting charged a lot for going via the cellular network.

    In the UK T-Mobile don't support the Blackberry Apps store so I can't access it via the mobile network. I can however if I connect via wifi and its really quick. I have just tried to use Twitterberry and it took ages, is it going via the phone network or wifi. How do I know?

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    I'm not sure if twitterberry uses wifi or not but if it does it should have a wifi setting that you can turn on and off. Opera Mini for example can be set to run via wifi or blackberry.net I found a cool little web client for twitter that you could browse to via wifi. dabr.co.uk, to ensure it uses wifi either set the wifi browser as your default or set it up as a bookmark and open your hotspot login page from the bookmarks page then when it says connected go to menu >bookmarks and select dabr.

    Blackberry services such as email, BBM etc will not use wifi unless you have UMA - only Orange UK has this.

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