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    When Remember appeared, I thought that at last there was a proper innovation in mobile OS. Through the hub, the ability to flag emails and have them turn up in the Remember app, along with notes I wrote myself, web pages and copied text, calendar appointments all together with my Evernote notebooks was a dream application. I really thought Blackberry was advancing their OS in the right direction. At the time, I thought that OS10 would really make a great foundation to a laptop operating system and I looked forward to the future where a Blackberry phone could be the centre of a laptop-like system. Well that future never arrived. Even Remember was 'updated' in such a way as to make flagged emails appear as tasks rather than notes, and they currently cannot be added to notes in the way they could be in the first iteration of the app. Now Blackberry has thrown this innovation out of the window, along with Blend and miracast. It is very hard to maintain one's enthusiasm for these phones and their OS when such innovations are thrown away. Perhaps Blackberry has identified a truth about phones which is that no one really works with a phone. Maybe the integrated calendar is as far as anyone goes with it, but most people just have a phone for fun and for chat. When I try and swap photos using NFC, people just look at me as if I were mad. No one knows about or uses it or even seems to have any interest in it. BBM has such great potential too but since no other OS allows for notifications BB hub-style, it is essentially useless because non-BB users have to open the app to see if anyone has called, and they just stick with one messaging system. The iPhone particularly suffers from this but it doesn't stop people buying them. The BBOS was built for a world that doesn't understand it or really needs it. Instead of buying it, I wish BB could appoint a small team to build a new iteration of OS10 that continues on with Remember and makes it the centre component of the hub. Then we would really ave something to shout about.
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    09-28-16 03:17 AM
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    Whats the question?
    09-28-16 06:01 AM
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    The power user is being neglected "hardcore".... :-(

    It's only apps and shtuff now, but serious productivity la traditional BlackBerry isn't even being ported over to Android.

    BBrave New World! :-D

    (edit: what happened to "Serious mobility for serious business" ...?)

      "Chenterprise. We are the future. Resistance is futile. Prepare to BBe... "  
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    09-28-16 06:05 AM
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    Google Keep saves email as notes; with Evernote changing their pricing model I decided to see how well Google Keep can keep up. All the options I use with Evernote are present in Keep, so I'm not missing a beat. Of course, everyone has a different use-case and as always, your mileage may vary.

    Does anyone remember Remember?-screenshot_2016-09-28-10-57-13.jpg
    09-28-16 12:01 PM
  5. peregrineay's Avatar
    Yes, I love the Evernote integration into BlackBerry Remember, and still use it every day on my Passport.

    Unfortunately, it looks like BlackBerry 10 will not last for much longer, but I hope BlackBerry moves the functionality of Remember into Android, like they did with Hub, etc. and the Z10/BB10 keyboard too...
    11-18-16 09:28 PM
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    Whats the question?
    You don't remember? The question was do you remember Remember?

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    11-18-16 10:18 PM

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