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    So back in the day when I was using my trusty old OS6 and 7 devices, I knew for simple tasks like alarms, calling, calendar appointments etc it got the job done. If I pressed on set alarm for 6am I could go to bed rest assured, same with calendar app's it will go off.

    However come along BB10 with all of its neat apps, but I feel I am at a trade off. With my Z10 I no longer have confidence in it performing certain tasks. For instance my alarm stopped working for the second time in 2 months. This is what my alarm app looks like

    Does anyone else have no assurance from BB10?-img_20131060.png

    So this was the second time my Z10 alarm did not go off, thus making me late for school. Little things like this never happened on my previous bb. Same thing with calling, my Z10 takes a good 5-8 seconds for it to connect to the network and start ringing whereas on my 9900 it happened in a snap.

    So you may ask, why am I complaining when it happens so far and few? Well I don't like the fact every time I set up a calendar app or alarm on my Z10 thinking in the back of my head if it will go off or not. This results in me setting up secondary alarms which I see as a complete step backwards.

    You may tell me to always set up back ups for things like alarms since electronics can fail, which is a fair argument. But considering in my 3 years of using OS6-7 that it has never failed ONCE I think it is fair to see why I am frustrated with the new BlackBerry failing twice in two months.

    Whenever I do little things on my Z10 I no longer have the confidence that I had with my previous BlackBerry's. I know this may all seem trivial, but to me, I really like knowing that something so simple, yet important such as an alarm will work every time.

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    11-05-13 01:26 AM
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    Also no I am not running a leak, I am running the official 10.2 from Telus.

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    11-05-13 01:29 AM
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    You'll get a half dozen comments from other Z10 owners how this never happens to them.
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    11-05-13 01:39 AM
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    To be the first of the 6, I have to say this never happened to me...
    But, that's not to say I haven't had my own troubles with my Z10.

    However, in a big way, I understand the OP's frustration. I long for my 9900 sometimes. In many ways I feel BB10 is a step backwards from OS7. Simply stated... It just worked! But, then I have to always say to myself that this is a new BB10 OS with growing pains. That is a qualified statement, but then I think to myself... Am I making excuses? How can both be true?

    Oh well. Just random thoughts about the matter while suffering from insomnia.
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    11-05-13 04:12 AM
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    Software bugs are a part of life. Life is hard.

    There's worse things than being late

    Sent from my BlackBerry - remember me!
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    11-05-13 04:19 AM
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    Life may be hard but the phone alarm working shouldn't be an issue.

    My Z10 has had issues - leaks solved most of them but the battery was what did it in for me.

    I'm reliant on my Q10 (though have an iphone 5 and Galaxy s4 - works issued) and am trialing the new Z30. The GS4 and iphone have no issues (and certainly no lag - that must be a carrier bloatware thing - thankfully these devices are off contract).

    The bb10 software does have it's quirks though.

    If your phone is being quirky (and not in a charming way) I'd recommend security wiping the device and sideloading the leaked variant of the software - it has some bug fixes that may work for you.

    Loading leaks should not be the answer - you've paid for a phone that should work for you, not you for it. But - well there you are.

    Hope that helps :-)

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    11-05-13 05:01 AM
  7. wafiwanders's Avatar
    Software bugs are a part of life. Life is hard.

    There's worse things than being late
    With ll the song,dance and shouting that went on about OS10 it should have been ready working perfect and glitch free when it was released, it should not regarded as acceptable to have these little bugs in technology.
    The sensible thing to do is to hold back on buying anything new until a few months after release for the manufacturer to sort the glitches out but we all know that after the event.

    If you bought it from a shop take it back and tell them to get it sorted out, they will say "manufacturers responsibility" but just remind them they sold it to you so they should sort it out.
    People should make a stand against the shoddy attitude shown by putting technology out before software is fully functional and let manufacturers know that it is not acceptable, When I buy something I expect it to work and do not expect excuses.

    As for the other point " There's worse things than being late " that is typical of the shoddy attitude we see too much of today, if you can not be on time then don't bother is the way I see things.

    BTW the alarm problem , that has never happened to me
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    11-05-13 05:43 AM

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