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    I must have access and use of certain files on my Curve. Any recommendations for document management software that will allow viewing and (possibly) creating/editing Excel, Word, PowerPoint, pdf files? Before you answer, please read this entire message. Money is not the issue. Functionality and support is.

    1. Please do not recomend Documents to Go (although it is what I want). I have an AT&T Curve with OS4.2. Documents to Go requires OS4.5. AT&T refuses to release OS4.5. [Sure, it appears as though I could download OS4.5 from other sites and delete some the vendor.xml file, but then I wouldn't have support from AT&T if needed.)

    2. Please do not recommend eOffice. I have it. It stinks. You call for support and they say "Read the Manual". I have. The program "locks up" when launched forcing me to reboot the Curve EVERY time. That is not covered in the Manual. Given the fact that eOffice's Page Ranking firm acknowledges that the software is buggy, I'm concerned that it won't be around long.

    12-10-08 05:21 PM
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    Docs To Go and eOffice are the only 2 I know of that will open and create native files stored on your blackberry. There are others that use a conversion process using the develeopor's servers.
    There are other programs I've heard of, but I currently do not use them. I listed them below.

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    12-10-08 06:46 PM