1. Tõnis's Avatar
    I'm kind of fly-by-night insofar as printed business and social cards are concerned. (I don't have them.) Nevertheless, from time to time someone will ask me for "a card." I decided that making a contact for myself (actually I made two -- one for business, the other for personal) in my Contacts app might be a good idea. That way I can send someone who asks me for a card a vCard. Do any of you do this? Is making a contact for myself in the Contacts app a good idea or is there a better way to make and store a vCard? TIA.
    01-22-12 02:10 PM
  2. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I have 6 contacts for my self based on who I send my contact too,

    But I generally don't use a vCard, as I always have one of my business cards with me, even when I am on vacation.

    I've sent MANY contacts my info via BBM, I do wish there was a cross platfrom Bluetooth contact transfer tool, I know NFC is going to make contact sharing easier, but I'd like a nice tool that allows for better quality contact sharing in a universal format
    01-22-12 03:32 PM