1. daddybear's Avatar
    Hello everyone. Just wondering...

    Do you use an RSS feed on your blackberry or (shhh...) other mobile device?
    Every site I visit anymore has an RSS tab. DO you use this feature?

    I know there is more to learn about mobile devices, and everytime I see something different and/or useful I want to know how I can use it to work and/or play more efficiently.

    Please sound off on all things RSS and what you like and or don't like about it...


    10-16-07 05:49 AM
  2. robm15's Avatar
    Yes, I RSS every day. You need to get a good RSS reader for your blackberry, such as Viigo which is free. Using Viigo, I can have articles and headlines from dozens and dozens of websites automatically download to my blackberry. Then I can scan them throughout the day for subjects I'm interested in and read the full article if I want to. It is much more convenient than browsing directly to the website to read the same information. It is just like browsing the threads in this forum for subjects you may want to read about, but it is news, blogs, etc...

    If your a information junkie like I am, then it is for you.
    10-16-07 06:50 AM
  3. Thomas843's Avatar
    I use Viigo as well and its great, you can chosse the channels you interestet in or add you own, so when I get up in the morning everything I want to read about is all there.
    10-16-07 09:03 AM