03-25-16 04:20 AM
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  1. skstrials's Avatar
    Came for the hardware, stayed for the hardware and the software.

    I was initially intrigued by the physical keyboard of BlackBerry phones, but I quickly found out that there is a quality software in the back ground as well.

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-16 04:04 AM
  2. xamxhun's Avatar
    The physical keyboard is a big reason in my case. The OS is fluid and I think it is best. I love my Passport most, over all other phones.

    Posted via CB10
    01-01-16 10:14 AM
  3. IndianTiwari's Avatar
    I use BlackBerry 10 because it is designed to suit my daily business needs . I don't need apps or a powerful front camera for taking selfies etc . BlackBerry 10 is a device designed for meeting my specific needs in a most effective and efficient manner . The quality of the hardware and software IMO still remains unparalleled.
    However, I shall be buying a Priv soonest to taste the android for the first time as it is a BlackBerry flagship product .

     Passport SE on Etisalat 4G Network propelled by
    01-01-16 11:45 PM
  4. Alain_A's Avatar
    I shall be buying a Priv soonest to taste the android for the first time as it is a BlackBerry flagship product .
    Maybe you should be better off waiting for the Vienna which looks like the passport
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    01-01-16 11:50 PM
  5. IndianTiwari's Avatar
    Thank You Sir for your advise . I shall defineltely consider if Vienna is launched soon.
    01-02-16 01:16 AM
  6. rwcrwfrd's Avatar
    My first BlackBerry was the 8830, then Bold 9650. Had an iPhone 4S for about 6-months. Lost it in Munich, Germany on a train. Back to my 9650. Then got the Z10. Didn't like that phone until BBOS 10.2 came along. Went to Z30 after that. Now with Classic. At first I thought Classic was a step back in terms of specs, but in reality it's a solid workhorse. Finally gave the Z10 and Z30 away. Sticking with the Classic for now. Hardware build is first class, and software works great as well. Not planning on going to Priv. Hopefully BBOS 10 will continue to be supported by BlackBerry. If not, I will reevaluate options available at that time, whether it be BlackBerry or others.

    Posted via Classic SQC100-3 /
    01-02-16 01:51 AM
  7. BerrySoul's Avatar
    I only choose BLackBerry because of the awesome BB10 experience.

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    01-03-16 03:32 AM
  8. Rene_Q10's Avatar
    I choose BlackBerry because oft the excellent and unmatched BB10 Software. BB10 and the Passport are the very best for my needs.

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    01-03-16 04:09 AM
  9. crackbrry fan's Avatar
    Both best hardware and software.

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    01-03-16 02:17 PM
  10. shaleem's Avatar
    Not everyone needs a device that plays games or funny cat videos off YouTube.

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    Not everyone who uses something other than BlackBerry does so because they want to play games or watch funny cat videos on Youtube. This nonsense that BlackBerry users are more productive is mind numbing and ridiculous beyond measure. Reading these threads the only thing that is obvious is many here are insecure and feel a need to make themselves feel superior. Well, guess what...... they're all just phones and not the answer to all of life's questions.

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    01-03-16 04:45 PM
  11. sorinv's Avatar
    They've ceased to be just phones 15 years ago. They are now mobile computers which can also make phone calls.
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    01-04-16 07:30 AM
  12. boysontheblock's Avatar
    Both hardware and software never seen a another manufacturer with such rigid build quality the phone is 2 years old hundreds of falls only one replaced screen and trust me am not going easy with it...it just keeps working. Q10

    Posted via CB10
    01-04-16 07:57 AM
  13. Old_Mil's Avatar
    why you choose blackberry phone?

    BB10. With the Chen ending development I have moved on. With the dismal sales of the Priv to this point I suspect that BB10 was the answer for most people.
    01-04-16 08:34 AM
  14. Rene_Q10's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    03-24-16 08:39 PM
  15. hobgoblin1961's Avatar
    Hardware like the Classic and Passport is brillant!
    and but most important the OS10...

    because it is not Apple livestyle iOS
    because it is not Google droid spy OS
    because it is not M$ what ever Win-DOS
    but because Blackberry-10 is a QNX Unix OS that takes thinks seriously to be a communication tool at it's best without fuss

    Posted either via -Passport SQW100-1 or -Classic SQC100-1 / 10.3.++
    03-25-16 04:20 AM
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