1. len5's Avatar
    A couple weeks ago I downloaded and installed the BeWeather app. Today I was surprised to see some unwanted email from BeShare in not just 1 of my email accounts but all 3. How the heck did BeShare get my other 2 email addresses when I only gave them 1? Do BB apps have access to all my accounts?

    04-14-12 12:53 PM
  2. doejoe007's Avatar
    If you give the app the permission it can access everything on your phone.

    All your contacts, calendar data, emails, etc.
    04-14-12 04:37 PM
  3. Virmaline's Avatar
    The trouble with most of these stupid apps is they won't work unless you give them every permission under the sun. Doesn't matter if they're paid or "free," it's always the same song and dance.
    04-14-12 05:11 PM
  4. len5's Avatar
    Stuff like this is why BB is going downhill like a rock. Giving a weather app full access to all my personal info is insane!
    04-14-12 07:29 PM
  5. EdY's Avatar
    If you are not happy with an app accessing your info, DON'T give it permission. If you find it doesn't work after you deny access, DELETE IT!

    Don't blame RIM, blame the developer of BeWeather and email them about why they need access to your personal information for the app to work!

    I usually deny full access to apps that I do not believe should have any reason to access certain data. For example, a weather app may want your GPS and full file and contact access, but if DENY this access it should still work. Most weather apps will still let you type your city info manually. And all they really need is internet data access and they can just download your weather info.

    If the developer cripples their app or makes it only function if you give full access, complain to the developer. There are plenty of other apps written well and work without this privacy intrusion.

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    04-14-12 07:50 PM
  6. albee 1's Avatar
    Stuff like this is why BB is going downhill like a rock. Giving a weather app full access to all my personal info is insane!
    All you have to do is to not allow access to personal information. I suppose you would cross the street without looking both ways. Beweather works fine without access to private info.

    Other platforms don't give you the option to "not allow". It is not a problem created by RIM. Certain companies like Jaredco should be banned. It is still your responsibility to be aware of what you are allowing and agreeing to.
    04-14-12 08:05 PM
  7. len5's Avatar
    Whenever I've selected not to give trusted access to an app the app either won't fully install, won't work or keeps asking me for trusted access. So am i just supposed to never download any apps or do research on every single app to make sure the app doesn't require Trusted access to be fully functional?

    To my knowledge installing an app on an iOS device does not give the app developer access to all one's personal data.
    04-14-12 08:40 PM
  8. albee 1's Avatar
    If you go to Application Management after downloading an app you can see and edit every permission by clicking the app and selecting "edit permissions", and there are usually many. Just tap with your finger on the (+) signs to open all of the permissions. And with iOs for all you know you give them every permission by default.
    04-14-12 08:53 PM