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    I know there's a Desktop Manager forum, but I'm posting this here for exposure. I want everyone to be aware of how excellent DM6 now is.

    One of BlackBerry's key features is device and media card data security. For some time now, there hasn't been a convenient way to move encrypted photos and files between the pc and BlackBerry device. With DM6, it's now possible (and convenient) to move encrypted photos between pc and BlackBerry device. This can be accomplished using the drag and drop method together with the "Files" feature when the BlackBerry device is hooked up to the Desktop Manager.

    Another nice thing about the Desktop Manager is the option to encrypt the backup files you make. I haven't done this yet, because my computer's hard drive is password protected, so my backups are safe there, but it's nice to know this feature is available should I ever want to store my backups on a shared computer.

    BlackBerry Security is the best there is. Put it to full use!
    07-03-11 05:02 PM