1. sniffs's Avatar
    In Desktop Manager 4.3, we're given like the full fledged Roxio.. you can create cd's etc.. I've heard they've removed it in all the new versions and it's only the media syncing part now..

    Why even install the new versions? I like the features that 4.3 provides.. I dont understand why anyone would install the new version and lose that functionality.
    07-25-08 10:00 AM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    I believe the other versions allow you to leave it out. Roxio is mandatory in the earlier versions. I don't need/like/use it, so it's a good deal for me. I've had 4.6 for the longest.
    07-25-08 10:17 AM
  3. sniffs's Avatar
    Do any versions newer than 4.3 even include it? or is it only media syncing? I dont have any cd burning software installed on my laptop, but with 4.3, I do.. if I uninstall 4.3 and install anything newer, I lose all that functionality..
    07-25-08 11:07 AM