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    I'm sorta new but I managed yesterday to upgrade to the 4.5 OS on my BB (yay me and tx to Crackberry's people!) Anyways, before I wiped I upgraded the DM to 4.6. The backup, wipe, and reinstall of the new OS worked fine. Now I'm trying to get my calendar, tasks, etc. from Yahoo back on to my BB and when I go to the sync options the only choice I have to sync is ASCI. Yahoo isn't even there. It's been a while since I set up the sync in the first place so I can't remember if I'm missing a step somewhere. Can someone help plz? Thanks so much.

    01-08-09 11:12 AM
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    okay, I don't know why this post hasn't gotten any answers, but please, people can you help me? I upgraded my BB to OS 4.5 and my DM (on my laptop) to 4.6 recently. The install went well, all my 3rd parties are there, etc. The problem I'm having is getting my info from yahoo (calendar, tasks, notes, addy book, etc.) For some reason when I go to Synchronization and try to set it up, the only choice for syncing is Ascii. No yahoo. I had installed DM 4.6 on my desktop previously so after not rec'ing any replies here I decided to see what syncing there would do and it did dl all my yahoo stuff to my BB, but I would still like to get my laptop to do it. Is there a step I might be missing? Anyone please...help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    01-09-09 12:10 PM