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    Hey everyone with a Wi-Fi Blackberry that has been going crazy with the dissapearing service books/icons, have I got good news for you!!!.I discovered a slightly inconvenient workaround tonight.Before you do a battery pull/hard reset, simply turn off the radio and then turn on wi-fi (wait till each one fully turns off and on!!!)I would wait a full 30 sec doing each task to be safe.I wait till I can see my Wi-Fi is connected to my network.The phone re-boots in Wi-Fi mode and somehow it dosen't wash out the service book settings or extract the dissapearing icons.Then after it fully boots,turn off Wi-Fi and turn back on radio(again I would wait a full 30 sec for each).Maybe you needed to switch out batteries or do a quick pull? now you can.Unfortunatley for non Wi-Fi BB'S just turning off the radio and re-booting did not cut the mustard :However this has worked successfully 4 times in a row on my unlocked BB STORM 9550. A big thanks to everyone here at crackberry, I really appreciate everything you guys and gals do for our BB's.
    01-04-11 11:03 PM