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    I gotta say I'm incredibly disappointed in RIM. It seems as though they don't want my business. I've been a BB users for going on 2 years now. At some point in the next month I'm looking at upgrading to the Blackberry Pearl 3G which I've had my heart set on since I've first heard of it.

    I've done all of my research and my only concern I have left is regarding the build quality. The only real compliant I'm familiar with is the screen which doesn't seem to fit the device, allowing dust & contaminants into the inner components or the screen peeling off the device.

    Now with only one real compliant on a specific device it seems as if though RIM would look to have this rectified ASAP! Now every attempt to contact RIM/Blackberry results in a auto generated reply stating to either contact a service provider, which can't help me or contact tech support {involving a paid fee} in which this doesn't apply to.

    All I'm looking to find out is the status of this known problem, has it been fixed yet, is their any plans to have this fixed in the near future {because I'll wait if need be}? I'm taking the time to track down contact info & send out emails and they can't even have someone take the time to
    a) look at my letter
    b) pass it along to the appropriate source

    /End Rant!

    P.S. If everyone has any info on this or that can send me in the right direction to find out it would be greatly appreciated
    12-17-10 01:02 PM
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    Not to diminish your concern, but it seems to me that the various cell carriers wouldn't have accepted shipments of the device if they thought it were defective, or that they would follow up with RIM on their own if customers began to point out what they thought was a flaw and stayed away from the Pearl 3G.

    No doubt, it's irritating to get no reply to what seems to be a simple question, but I suspect if the Rogers and other cell companies aren't complaining then RIM might not consider it to be a design flaw.
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    12-17-10 05:51 PM
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply Mini, that was a side I had not thought of. Just going though the 9100 boards here and hearing of the few cases where the service provider said warranty voided on the account of abuse or because the device was unlocked kinda makes you feel like your left on your own to cover all your bases.

    I'll be purchasing this device outright and bypassing the 3 year contract. So I really don't wanna get stuck with a device I won't be happy with.

    I just feel a little let down no one took the time to stand in front of their own product when they were given the chance.
    12-17-10 06:49 PM
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    Well RIM doesn't sell their device to you, so they won't be fielding your questions for free. RIM sells the device to carriers who deal with you and any questions you may have. The device comes with a 1 year warranty, and if you're really concerned, there's always insurance.
    12-17-10 06:54 PM