1. lasek's Avatar

    I and some users from my comapny have problem with disappearing emails in Outlook.
    We using BES / Ms Exchange. problems looks that:

    In the morning when I turn on my machines I canít find some my emails in my outlook. I have this emails on my blackberry but I canít find in outlook. This is a problem with emails which I received when I have turn off (at night or weekend) my computer and outlook. Next day in the mornning when I turn on machine I canít find those emails even when all my outlook folder was synchronized. Strange because problem is not always only from times to times. But sometimes this problem is everyday and sometimes one time per week.

    Or another time in the morning I have all email which I received at night but when I open this then automatic disappeared from my Inbox. And I couldnít find anywhere.

    I see that when I forward this email to myself from blackberry then oryginal emails come back to outlook. But I canít check everytime which emails I have in my outlook and forward myself. Also I donít have run any rule.

    Have you met with something like this before?

    09-25-09 04:45 AM
  2. GlenB's Avatar
    Do you delete the messages on the Blackberry during the night? If you are setup on the device to delete from "Mailbox and Handheld" then this wouldbe the expected behaviour.
    09-25-09 05:12 AM
  3. lasek's Avatar
    no never I deleted. I'm only looking and massage still is in my phone.
    But problem is not always only occasionally.
    09-25-09 05:49 AM
  4. GlenB's Avatar
    If the message is still on the Blackberry - open it, hold ALT down and type V I E W
    This will display the message's unique RefID. Make a note of it and send it to the BES Admin, asking him to look in the BES logs to see what MAPI activity has occurred with that RefID. I am pretty certain the answer will be that nothing odd is going on from the BES and that the issue will lie elsewhere.
    09-25-09 06:19 AM