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    This isn't a thread to bash VZW or BB, but I have owned 3 BB's and encountered disappointment with all of them and I wonder if anyone else is disappointed in BB not living up to expectations. I'm on BIS and am really pretty accepting of technological limitations such as dropped calls etc. I do live in an area where coverage is great.

    1) With every phone (8830, curve, storm) every time the OS is upgraded, there are some apps that will no longer work. Since they were purchased from different sources, it is time consuming and cumbersome to get a new version (if it exists). A central app store like itunes seems to be in the works with App World and may remedy this problem.

    2) BB desktop has run 'buggy' on three different computers (dell, toshiba and a mac). I am occasionally able to do a successful backup on the Toshiba. Most of the time I get some error saying it cannot be completed -- Storm only.

    3) Calendar notifications arrive days to weeks after the event to invited parties. -- Curve, Storm

    My Storm 9530 has gone buggy. I have done numerous battery pulls, but when I turn it on it vibrates and the screen starts flashing and random programs will open.

    I am not trying to get one over on VZW or anything like that - but has anyone experienced any other smart-phones platform from vzw? I don't know if it's possible, but I am contemplating switching to a different smart-phone when I take the BB in tomorrow (i especially need a reliable calendar sharing program). Samsung or HTC. I do have insurance, so I hope that I don't encounter a lot of hassle and still want/need a data plan - so i will still be paying the same contracted monthly fee.

    I have learned my lesson with apps - so i wont be purchasing anymore of them.

    I would be gracious to learn of your experiences with other smartphones.

    Thank you.
    10-27-09 11:44 PM
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    Sorry to hear that. I have a 8130 Pearl and it's been absolutely great and VZW. Never a dropped call, never a call to tech support. It's been the best device I've ever owned. I've know what it can and can't do. I don't keep a bunch of junk of there. I've never lost any of my information on it. Never no loss of functions when upgrading the OS. Maybe I'm lucky...
    10-27-09 11:52 PM
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    I owned a Moto Q and a Moto Q9c. Both were extremely sluggish. The Q developed the habit of locking up when I called people just as they were answering, and only a battery pull would unlock it. The Q9c was marginally better. There were very few apps for those phones and the attitude towards upgrading the OS was "you're kidding, right?"
    10-27-09 11:57 PM
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    +1 on the reliability of the 8130. Never a problem withthe device or upgrades. :-)

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    10-28-09 12:08 AM
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    Maybe its a personal issue and you're not doing something right. That's way too many errors that I have never even heard of and I'm on my 6th blackberry model with 3 companies.

    I know that DTM has provider specific versionsif you loaded it from the disc.

    Storm is the only blackberry I ever had & hated but I don't know I'm confused at you problem but good luck
    10-28-09 12:16 AM
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    To the OP, a lot of the issues you are referring to are not issues that are Verizon's fault. Anytime you change your OS, apps can be acting strange based on how the app was made and the compatibility with it.

    Verizon does run PDA workshops, or you could always stop in your local store to see if they have possibly have a tech or a more seasoned rep who could try to assist you.
    10-28-09 12:26 AM
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    dude...i hate when ppl say its vzw fault or other carriers...so everyone can know verizon dont make the phones, its the company that makes them like RIM... not vzw... verizon just does the netowirk...now if u have issue with ur phone, it can be u or ur phone is busted but its NOT VZW!
    10-28-09 12:27 AM