1. jenny_yang811's Avatar
    The push setting on my Bold for emails really drains my battery. Does anybody know if there's an option to have the phone "fetch" new emails every 15 minutes instead of be constantly pushing? I know the iPhone has this option. Please help. Thanks!
    05-10-12 07:08 PM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    No, not possible to change the settings from push to pull. If you have GMail, you can remove the account and use the GMail app. But you lose alot more than you think you are gaining.
    05-10-12 07:25 PM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    I've always heard that push uses less battery than pulling/polling.
    05-10-12 07:28 PM
  4. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    The "push" does not "drain the battery".
    05-10-12 08:24 PM
  5. hondateg91's Avatar
    As said push actually is better for the battery in some cases so not sure exactly how it "drains the battery".
    05-10-12 08:57 PM
  6. albee 1's Avatar
    Something else is draining your battery. Is your gps constantly on? Apps all closed and not running in the background. Push is more desirable than pulling. Your blackberry is not constantly pushing. Push means the messages are pushed into the device.
    I don't know where you got your information, but this thread helped me a lot in the day.

    05-10-12 09:12 PM
  7. Masahiro's Avatar
    BlackBerrys work around push email and BIS (unless you're on BES). You cannot disable it. I don't know why you'd want to anyways. It's not the Android/Apple version of pseudo-push email (which is more like a "pull" email). It actually saves battery life and data.
    05-11-12 02:34 PM