12-07-08 03:34 PM
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  1. mpafr012's Avatar
    Why would one voluntarily sacrifice their Constitutionally protected right to privacy by providing fully traceable, step-by-step location data to Verizon and/or any organizations/businesses/governmental entities who care to purchase (or subpoena) that information from Verizon?


    All cell providers have this information by using cell tower triangulation. If you don't want anyone to know were you are don't use a cell. FYI 911 systems need the equipment to determine your location, cell provider already has it.
    11-28-08 08:07 PM
  2. noaim's Avatar
    just for all you skeptics out there... He wouldn't be able to admit this more then likely... but how do you know if this guy is a lawyer looking for information based on a case hes on OR what if his brother is in prison or something and is doing research to show that the evidence used was unjustified... just showing a way to think outside of the box... just because people may research and care about this information doesn't mean they are a criminal and some of you obviously believe that hes up to no good...

    I am just saying that there is other possibility's who knows. It seems to me I watched a movie one time that someones mother or brother was out on the internet searching for all the information or something... which related to my post.
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    11-29-08 07:36 AM
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    So.. what phone did you pick?
    11-29-08 09:57 AM
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    This is an interesting topic. I don't know if I subscribed to the GPS service or not, but it is active on my device. I guess I should check.

    Thanks for the data STS.
    11-29-08 02:46 PM
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    This really sounds more like a Fourth Amendment debate than anything.

    There are really a multitude of ways that a person can be "tracked", one of which is with the use of any cell phone with or without e911, GPS or aGPS.

    If you don't want a cell, use payphones - guess what, you can still be tracked.

    Don't want to use cell, use VOIP - sorry, you can still be tracked.

    Email -> IP address
    Hushmail -> shutdown

    You get the picture.

    I am a firm believer in not taking away rights to protect them, therefore I continue to have blind faith in my judiciary system to continue to enforce the spirit of the law and sign only those subpoena which are sound.

    Remember, your phone is just one piece of locational evidence you have on you right now. The good news, it's useless and does nothing until there is reason to subpoena it and use the information against you.
    12-02-08 10:58 PM
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    I was talking to a verizon tech and when we finished our conversation he forgot to disconnect the line and I overheard him talking to his co-workers about the freezing issues with the storm. a lot of it is caused by the VZ Navigator, but they aren't aloud to tell customers that cause its an "add on" thats no bull either. I just listened to him talk for 3 or 4 minutes about it.
    12-05-08 01:02 PM
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    WOW thats not the usual question we get from a Verizon user regarding GPS! LOL!
    12-07-08 03:34 PM
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