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    You'll have to excuse my ignorance, I've had my curve for a couple of weeks, and am still getting to know it. So far, I love love LOVE it; it's definitely saved my **** more than a few times at work, Whew! Anyways, I've been snooping around here and BBF and noticed alot of 'talk' about OS's. I have T-mobile service and it says I have 4.2. For those of you who have a higher OS, can you tell me what the main differences are? Is it possible for me to upgrade and if so, how would I do that? Thanks ahead of time for your help.. oh by the way, I posted somewhere on this site my PIN. If anyone's interested in popping my bb mssgr cherry, hah, my pin is 24492E04. I'd like to try it out. I'm currently using AIM and trying out TinyTwitter...
    04-17-08 02:29 AM