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    I'm currently coming to the end of an 18 month contract with my 8900 which will end in the middle of September. I obviously then have to make the decision of which handset to upgrade to. The handset that has caught my eye is the 9700, but the iminent release of the Slider has caught my eye!

    So my question is, if (and of course I stress 'if'!!) the Slider is released some time in September, how long should I expect to wait until it hits the UK? Does anyone know on previous experiences for other releases what the difference usually is?
    07-26-10 03:29 AM
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    There is no defined period as to when a device will be launched in UK (if it has already been released in NA).

    For example, BB 9000 Bold was released in Europe a longtime, approx 1-2 months, before it even appeared in the US.

    With the 9700 I believe it appeared on Rogers (Canada) first and then closely followed by US & European releases (i.e. I think it was within 2-3weeks).

    I'd personally go for the 9800 (and forget the 9700) or the 9780 (if you prefer that form/design).

    Edit :
    You should also bear in-mind that its the carriers that ultimately release the devices upon successfully completing suitable internal testing; i.e. the carrier release dates are not really dictated by RIM.
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    07-26-10 05:19 AM
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    Thanks for the info!

    I suppose it's just a case of keeping an eye on things and wait and see what happens!
    07-26-10 07:30 AM