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    Jobs says apple works 'from the consumer experience backwards to the technology' after learning the hard way thats the case. It appears as of right now he is right.

    I think it could be argued RIM works the other way. I don't think RIM is wrong at all in doing this since originally they weren't a company focused on consumers. I think RIM is somewhat changing that but, for me personally, I hope they still focus on what they can do with technology. Even if this focus makes them a niche player in tech I would rather have something more technologically innovate than something produced for average consumer.
    05-30-12 12:50 AM
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    It's my understanding as well, that Apple and RIM are two different world's of company; both how their managed, and where they "come from." There's little one can say negative about that.

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    05-30-12 01:17 AM
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    Bittenfruit has ipods,ipads.macbooks,iphone and soon to be bittenfruit tv.rims has just berry and book tablet.
    05-30-12 01:28 AM
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    Bittenfruit has ipods,ipads.macbooks,iphone and soon to be bittenfruit tv.rims has just berry and book tablet.
    how about ios devices and osx vs bb7 and bb10?
    05-30-12 01:37 AM
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    I would say Apple has there own problem coming when carriers decide to stop giving them a much higher subsidy price than other offerings. It isn't sustainable by the carriers, and when they stop Apple will either have to make less per phone because they have to cut the pricing, or they will have sales drops, at least in US, because there are a ton of people who will buy. A $200 iPhone that wouldn't buy a $300 to $400 one.

    But yes they have taken a different approaches and the BYOD movement is what is killing RIM right now. RIM expected the CIO's that they catered the devices to and got feedback and guidance from would keep other devices out of the enterprise. This didn't happen. Now RIM needs to stop listening to CIO's and carriers and deliver what the end user wants. They have the pieces to deliver, my concern is I'm not sure they have the pace to deliver while people are still willing to give them a chance. Also it will be on us early adopters to evangelize the product, harass our IT departments to support it, etc.
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    05-30-12 05:53 AM
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    I guess with BB10, RIM is also more focused on consumer experience now more than ever. Just the camera, the flow and the keyboard shows that RIM is building BB10 to be a more consumer focused software.
    05-30-12 08:55 AM
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    This was a good look at why Blackberry needed to buckle down years ago! There were companies full of people dedicated to changing the landscape. I hope mobile computing BB10 resonates that key and bangs that same drum
    05-30-12 09:16 AM