1. dm4nn's Avatar
    now the other night, wearing shorts, i left my blackberry in its case on my leg just keeping it near really for some 10 minutes, and some moments later, i got a message where it vibrated a few seconds.

    now the next morning, i woke up with like a painful skin like burn feeling in the same spot.
    it wasn't muscular, just like as if i had a burn there, kinda feeling when touched.

    i was told the magnetic and the vibration caused this, something like radiation......

    hmmmmmmm,....what do you think

    02-24-11 08:05 AM
  2. valorian's Avatar
    Radiation, not a chance. Cell phones do not pump out nearly enough wattage to cause a radiation burn.

    Now the vibrate function MAY have vibrated you leg muscle just right to cause some pain, maybe.
    02-24-11 08:15 AM
  3. memoriesof2011's Avatar
    no way, it's a coincidence. you might have slept funny
    02-24-11 08:37 PM
  4. COrancher's Avatar
    you could have slept on it on that part of your leg, and could have cut off circulation to that area and caused discomfort...that's the only logical thing I can think of. Radiation is definitely not it though.
    02-28-11 05:46 AM