1. Chester Small's Avatar
    I am using the device switch wizard to move my Palm contacts and calendar to my blackberry bold. The switch starts and when it gets to within a couple hundred records of being finished it freezes. This has happened a few times. The one thing I am wondering is if there is maybe a limit to the amount to records that can be moved. Just for the calendar I have over 8000 records. How can I get this process to finish?
    03-10-10 08:24 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Does the "failure" give any error messages or other hints of where it is? Might there be a bad or oddball record (calendar item) that messes it up? I don't know if there is any limit but there might be. Do the records that do transfer show up on the BB or does the failure blow it all away? If it works partially, maybe backup the successful records using DM, then clean up the Palm removing the successfully transferred ones, then try moving the rest?
    03-10-10 09:15 AM
  3. Chester Small's Avatar
    I don't get a message of any kind. I was thinking the bad record myself. No the records that transfer to no show up on the BB. It basically blows it all away.
    03-10-10 09:46 AM