1. flightrisk's Avatar
    I had a Curve 8830 that I updated to OS 4.5. I got a new Curve as the old one had a grounding problem with the screen that would cause buzzing during a call whenever the backlight was on. The new Curve had OS 4.3 on it. I ran through the device switch wizard and everything but the themes that were only for 4.5 and the address book came across. I updated the OS to 4.5 and the themes magically appeared, but no addresses. I have a backup I created the day before and the device switcher created a backup. I'm afraid to run either of them before I find out what happened and why. Does anyone know? Can I restore *just* the addresses/contact info? Thanks

    12-31-08 02:45 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    Run the restore since both devices are now 4.5 You can open desktop manager and go to backup and restore then advanced.
    12-31-08 04:34 PM