1. jdefuria's Avatar
    Tried some basic searching and I think I know what to do, but there is a step or two I am not sure of...

    Long story short: I want to swap my current Storm 2 (verizon) with another Storm 2 (my wife's) also Verizon. (Yes, you read that right...)

    I believe all I really need to do is the following:

    1) Wipe my wife's storm 2 after she is up an running on her new device. (Sim will be removed, and her memory card will be wiped). I can do this from the phone itself. (This step might not be technically needed, but I'll feel better if I do it).
    2) Using BB Desktop Software go to the "Device Switch" and basically follow the prompts, while taking these steps
    a) Plug in my phone with USB allow desktop software to back-up the data.
    b) After it is backed up, unplug the phone,
    c) Plug in the new phone and continue the Device Switch process to transfer data and 3rd pary applications.
    3) After the copy is complete, move my SIM card to the new phone.

    Assuming that is the bulk of the process and that's correct...What I am not entirely sure of, is this....(this comes from the BB Desktop software help file): "If you're switching from a smartphone that is associated with the BlackBerry Internet Service, on your new smartphone, in the setup wizard, open the email setup screen. Update your smartphone PIN."

    What exactly does this mean? IIRC at this time each device has its own PIN. My current phone has a work e-mail account associated with my company's BES. Do I need to re-setup my BES account settings with the PIN of the new device? (And is that something I can do from my phone, or do I need to contact my company's IT and give them the new PIN?)
    11-14-12 12:21 PM
  2. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Yes, but ....
    1. If you are on Verizon, then the SIM card doesn't play into the process at all.
    2. You likely will need to call *228 to activate the device on your line with Verizon.
    3. If you are on a BES, then you will need to contact your IT administrator to reactivate on the BES with the new device.
    11-14-12 05:14 PM
  3. jdefuria's Avatar

    My Storm has a slightly cracked screen and not surprisingly the surepress doesn't work well in that same area of the screen. I'm trying to hold out getting a new device until I can evaluate BB10...but my wife will shortly soon be leaving BB for a Windows phone 8 device. Her storm is still in good shape so that should tide me over for a few more months...

    I forgot that Vreizon's CDMA network doesn't utilize SIMs...
    11-14-12 09:56 PM

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