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    Dear guys,

    This is my first post so I hope you could help me
    I am going to explain as good as I can (I am not really used to write in english).
    We are using Blackberry Enterprise Server with Microsoft Exchange, we manage around 40 handleds and this is the first time we found the following problem.
    Last week we did a blackberry device migration using Desktop Manager, old device broke (BlackBerry 8310 Curve ball was not working) and we just replaced it with a new one.
    The migration and PIN association went succesfully, but we just noticed that some contacts were not transfered from the old device to the new one.
    We just noticed about this issue some days after did it. We would like to take a look in the old blackberry, but it was wiped and returned to our phone provider for replacing it, so we could not take a look at them.
    We did some mailbox restores on the Exchange server from days before doing device migration and from some months ago, and the contacts were not in the users mailbox (the user has around 4500 contacts, so it is difficult to know if all are right).

    We are thinking that some contacts did not synchronize correctly to the user's mailbox because of some extrange reason, but we have checked and sync, and it is working from device to users mailbox and viceversa, we could create a new contact, delete and manage it.

    In BES logs we could find some errors like:

    SERVER_SYNC log (while doing the migration)

    [46025] (10/26 17:40:29.753):{0x11B0} [SYNC-SSession] Drop ADD command because the response from device is DATABASE_NOT_FOUND. [USER:31, DS=Exchange, DB=Address Book, GUID=111875, UID=-111875]

    SERVER_MAGT log (some hours after migration)

    [30243] (10/26 23:53:44.706):{0x620} {[email protected]} MAPIMailbox:oICS ICS Synch failed
    [20280] (10/26 23:53:44.706):{0x620} {[email protected]} DoICS() failed: ERR_FAIL

    Could be this the reason of that? What could this mean?

    Thanks for your help!!!

    10-30-08 11:11 AM