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    Here's a developer's explanation:

    "To be honest the BlackBerry version has been very difficult for me. Not only can it not benefit from any of the libraries we use for working with *** databases (because RIM does not support c or C++ compilation, they are java only), but there are many other limitations that have made delivering a great solution a challenge. I'm sure that if I had a team of programmers or devoted my time solely to the BlackBerry version, I could remedy the current application and make it a stellar product. But in reality neither are options for a small company like ***, and unfortunately the interest level in third party software by customers on BlackBerry is no where near it's counterparts in the market in terms of potential.

    So the shorter answer is that there are not a lot of plans for the BlackBerry version. I don't have any near term plans to add much in the way of features, and it's possible the entire product may be discontinued in the near future. I know that's not a promising outlook, and I'm trying to be as candid as possible so you can make an educated decision.

    I have found BlackBerry users to be among the kindest, most forgiving and patient customers I've encountered since starting this business in 1997 and for the sake of those people I wish I could find a way to really focus on and improve the application, but unfortunately times are proving challenging everywhere, and *** is no exception. I have to focus on the avenues that give me the greatest chance at a paycheck in the future! I hope this makes sense and that you understand my reasons."
    07-04-11 06:18 PM
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    I appreciate the pespective from a developers standpoint. Many of us don't realize the limitations and hoop jumping necessary to develop cutting edge apps for the BB Os. Hopefully with the release of the new Blackberry line w/Os7 which is rumored to support open GL it will alleviate some of the dead ends you are encountering. I still have hope for Blackberry. If the new Os is anything like I have read, there will be lots of excitement for and from developers who previously balked at the idea. Thanks again for your insight.

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    07-04-11 07:10 PM