1. rakesh86shankar's Avatar
    I am developer ,i want to know bit and pieces of using blackberry devices.

    Do i need a dataplan to access Wifi hot spot browser?

    In device such as storm(9520) i installed 5.0 OS ,and i connected easily without dataplan ,via wifi.

    But that was not the case happening for curve 9300,it requires SIM with BB data plan to access the data via wifi.

    Is there any work around for this,to access the Wifi without using SIM in 9300 device,Do i need to make settings modifications?

    Similarly i have 9670 device which is an us device of verizon carrier,I got this for testing in india,how could i use it,(unlock it)

    Initially 9670 was working with wifi,after installing some app,I was not able to make a network connectivity after it using wifi,

    How to unlock it,In India,i have blackberrry CDMA service which of reliance network,Is there any opportunity ?

    Rakesh Shankar.P
    04-14-11 08:46 AM
  2. rakesh86shankar's Avatar
    I tried installing opera minibrowser to device,still unable to connect to internet,any settings change ,Is need to be done?
    04-14-11 09:17 AM
  3. GTWalling's Avatar
    You may try changing your browser from Internet Browser to Hotspot Browser. Options/ Advanced Options/ Browser.
    04-14-11 02:48 PM
  4. rakesh86shankar's Avatar
    I tried that option that too,But there was no luck in it.Is there any service Book Modifications that needs to be done.

    Rakesh shankar.P
    04-15-11 01:02 AM