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    Is there an app or a property screen that I can go to in order to have the device tell me exactly how many bytes a specific file is?

    I have a alx/cod file. I was building a .jad after extracting all of the foobar-*.cod files from the composite foobar.cod (after renaming it to foobar.zip).

    I got thru it successfully, barring a single challenge. I ended up having to hook the device to a PC and then browse to the folder on the SD card and do a dir > dir.txt in order to get the finite file sizes in bytes. This allowed me to finish building the .jad, so that I could have an installable app residing on the sd card, that was built on the device from a .alx/.cod pair.

    I tried using the stock 'Files' browser and file property yields this:

    I tried using File Manager Pro and property yields this:

    The dir.txt file, however, did provide the detailed file sizes in bytes:

    Using this info from dir.txt, I was able to use that the finish building the .jad and the app installed from the SD card successfully thereafter.

    Does anyone know of a way to get the detailed file size, in bytes, without having to rely on an external resource?

    Please advise. Thanks, in advance. Happy 4th to all Americans! Take care and be safe.

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    Well, I got it. Aerize Explorer provides a detailed report of the file size:
    07-04-11 06:00 PM