1. Jonathan_F's Avatar
    I recently got the 8330 curve (with Telus) and whenever i try to download and install a ringtone from CB i get this msg when i click on the link "The requested page can not be displayed". I havent tried downloading from any other site as u have to download em from you phone rather than having it e-mailed to my bb e-mail. Any suggestions for a lost sole?
    05-20-08 11:36 PM
  2. Jonathan_F's Avatar
    ....no help yet, but i was wondering if i need a sd card or whatever in order to get these ringtones from cb. Plz help, this is really frustrating since i got a bb to make my life easier...yet its only making me angry!
    05-21-08 12:20 AM
  3. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    yeah get an sd card and im not sure exactly what you mean, the ringtone is getting emailed to you, right?
    maybe you are low on system memory (if you're takin a lot of pics for example)
    options>status>file free
    05-21-08 06:32 AM
  4. Jonathan_F's Avatar
    Under file free it says i have 41930053 bytes (its a brand new phone and i havent taken any pics). Could it possibly be something with Telus?
    05-21-08 03:37 PM
  5. froggy2's Avatar
    I am with Telus too. I can't even get into Crackberry.com. I get the "requested page can not be displayed" thing.
    11-22-08 09:25 AM
  6. mells's Avatar
    i'm with telus as well and I'm having the same issue! I have also tried to e-mail the link to my hotmail account and I can open it there but still nothing on my phone. So frustrating! HELP!
    12-12-08 11:28 PM
  7. luvitlo's Avatar
    You can download the rings to your home computer and transfer them to the BB in the desktop manager. I have C South and have no trouble downloading straight from the website I never email them to my phone.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-13-08 09:06 AM