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    Hello all. I have a BB Pearl 8100 running on the T-Mobile network. When I first got my BB I was using Mail Connector to retrieve my corporate email (Email is behind a VPN and I have no BES access). About a year ago they discontinued Mail Connector and I have been running Desktop Redirector ever since. Both Mail Connector and Desktop Redirector worked beautifully. Then last month I started to have trouble with Desktop Redirector (Status of "Verifying forwarding address"). I have not been able to receive or send email ever since. After many hours spent with the Blackberry tech support it was concluded that a script or something has changed on my company's Exchange Server. Since I do not have permission or access to my company's IT folks I was stuck. Currently I am using an Rule in my Outlook to forward all incoming emails to my Blackberry.net email address. Unfortunately this feature is not reliable. I only get some of my emails some of the time (no idea why and I cannot find a pattern that explains why I get some email and not others).

    Bottomline - I was wondering if there is a 3rd party application that is similiar in functionality to the "Mail Connector" or "Desktop Redirector" program.

    01-12-09 12:19 PM