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    I am a new BB Curve owner and am running into an issue with DM that is baffeling me. I've been able to find answers to all my other questions on CB (but not this one for some reason)- so this is my first post.

    What is happening is if I set an image using the media -> Pictures -> Set as Home Screen Image the picture stays on my home screen as is until the next time I synch using Desktop Manager (I'm on the BES so I "File" my email with the BB and synch using DM to file the messages on my computer into the proper folder of my Outlook personal folders). Basically DM "resets" the default picture for the theme I'm using (default BB Dimension L Theme - the road / field image - YUCK!)

    Any suggestions on how I can stop this from occurring?

    Thanks all for your help in advance!

    01-05-09 10:14 AM