1. shabazosu's Avatar
    When I open DM 4.6, it loads, but none of the icons or anything appears, whether I connect my Curve or not. It does recognize my device when I do connect it, but still, none of the icons in DM 4.6 appear (no matter how long I wait). I have tried downloading DM 4.6 again to re-install it, however, when I attempt to do so, it says that 'the installation was interrupted & cannot proceed.' It has been a couple months since I last used DM (I typically do a backup once a month, but have gotten lazy/busy with school), but it used to work fine back in December, and I really can't think of anything that I have installed since then that would cause DM to not work.
    Anyone else have similar issues or any ideas on how I can resolve this?
    02-10-09 07:14 PM