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    Hello all! I have just upgraded from my Palm Treo PDA and purchased a new Blackberry 8320 Curve. As in all new things there is a lot to learn on my new Curve and this is where the question comes in. With my previous Treo PDA it came with desktop software which gave me screens to call up any memo, task, phone number, etc and make changes, deletions, anything I need to do within the desktop program, re-sync my Palm and be done with any of my updates. I am thinking because I am so new I can not find software that would be similar to this for my Blackberry. I have downloaded the latest Desktop software from Blackberry thinking this would be it but if it is, then I do not know how to get to those areas. Can someone help me? Does Blackberry have a similar interface to the Palm Desktop? I hope I posted to the right area... if I have not please excuse such a newbie to the Blackberry world.
    07-09-08 12:18 PM
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    The closest you're going to get is using outlook to sync all that info.
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    07-09-08 12:33 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. For me, that is such a disadvantage as I have had a Palm for many years and now to upgrade to a much better PDA and not have such an interface to be able to do all those updates and such that I am use to doing is definitly a disadvantage for me. I use my phone for work and to enter all the data I need by using the phone only is definitly something I did not realize.
    07-09-08 12:44 PM
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    But now you have Outlook. This is waaay better than that Palm software. I used this for about a week before I deleted it and ditched th Palm. It was a horrible program imo.

    The BlackBerry interfaces via Desktop Manager to Outlook so that all you data Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, etc. are all now in one place with the same familiar Outlook interface. That has to be a good thing, right?

    You do all your edits right in Outlook and then sync. There is no extra step like with the Palm where you have to go via that program that was hard to interface to Outlook.

    Try it for a few weeks. It really is much better.

    Oh and welcome to CrackBerry. Ask all you want in here.
    07-09-08 01:27 PM
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    Again... thanks for the reply. I will do Outlook and give it a try. I know once I get use to everything on my Curve I will be a happy camper. After getting this issue over with I will tackle a couple of issues concerning the wireless features on the Curve. Will do so more research before I ask so I don't sound so brand new. It is great to have a place to find real answers to question that are asked. I hope one day soon I will be the answering questions to people out here. Again, thanks for the help.
    07-09-08 03:15 PM
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    I too missed the Palm software but I don't miss my Treo 650 and 700P turning off while I was on the phone. Welcome to the berry world. You will love the blackberry for so many other reasons. good luck!
    07-09-08 04:42 PM
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    Thanks for the welcome! I agree... my Palm turned off all the time and never had a good signal from the beginning. With my Curve I go through areas that were dead zones for my Palm and with the Curve it is crystal clear. Once I get over not having a touch screen and the learning curve with my Curve I know I made the right choice when it came time to upgrade.
    07-09-08 04:56 PM
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    But now you have Outlook. This is waaay better than that Palm software.............
    You think? Are you using the new Outlook or 03? 03 seems archaic, and I haven't heard good things about the new one.
    08-15-08 01:56 AM
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    It works pretty good unless you don't have OL available. So even the [email protected] palm PIM would be better than nothing.
    08-15-08 07:49 AM
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    I sync with Yahoo! instead of Outlook. It works just fine and my info is accessible from any internet connection.
    08-15-08 07:40 PM
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    See my response to a similar question at the Palm Calendar on BlackBerry?
    topic. Sorry I'd post a link but can't do so until I've posted 10 times. Short story: Check out CompanionLink.
    01-04-09 03:17 PM
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    If some one would make a topic or thread just for new users from palm. Or maybe even a seperate on for winmo users coming to rim. I think that would make the most since

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    01-04-09 03:42 PM
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    Anyone have any. Q? About switch from palm or winmo to BB yet me know...

    [email protected]

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    01-04-09 03:44 PM