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    Ok so last night I got the dreaded white screen and my Bold 9700 would boot into a JVM 545 error. I don't know why. So I installed the last OS .593 All is well, EXCEPT when I go to delete an email, my only options on prompt are DELETE and CANCEL. Prior to my inexplicable crash, I had the choice of deleting from mailbox & handheld, or just handheld. I'm at a loss why I no longer have those choices! From the email screen, I pressed the bb logo key and selected OPTIONS/EMAIL RECONCILIATION and "delete in" is already set to PROMPT on all 5 accounts. I even tried setting it to HANDHELD, saving my changes, then going back in and changing it back to PROMPT. Even a battery pull. Oh and I'm also noticing that I am given the choice to delete from mailbox/handheld ONLY when deleting emails that I have SENT from my device. But on emails I RECEIVE, I don't have those choices. Can anyone please help me?

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    05-12-10 07:34 PM