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    I work for a law firm where the attorneys have smart phones using a hosted Exchange service. One of them broke his Blackberry and is using our office manager's old Storm 2. She did not wipe the phone before giving it to him, so it still has her hosted Exchange account and her personal e-mail account on them. I added his hosted Exchange account and now both her e-mail and his show up under the same profile.

    Is there an easy way to delete her Exchange and personal e-mail accounts? She did not wipe the phone because they thought it would only be very temporary (a day or two). It turns out that it will be about a month. I'm thinking they should just got to the carrier, have them transfer his photos and wipe the phone. I can then add his Exchange account.
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    why not back up the photos yourself using desktop manager, do a security wipe from the device, and then re-register the device on the BES with the proper account
    05-25-11 09:04 AM
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    I should have added that he (the attorney) had his phone number put on the phone without wiping it. Admittedly, I am not a smartphone user, but I'm sure I could probably manage that. He will then have to re-activate it with his carrier and I can contact the hosted Exchange company and set up his e-mail account again.
    05-25-11 09:14 AM