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    Hi all. I have had some issues with my outlook emails and my bb. I have BIS and the outlook is microsoft outlook 2007 (not an OWA account). I know that if you delete an e-mail on outlook it will not delete it off the BB and sync that way. However, sometimes I get an e-mail on my phone and I hit delete on mailbox and handheld (to delete off the computer and phone) and one of two things happen. Sometimes, 1) the e-mail will be deleted on my phone and it will still be in my inbox on outlook unopened even though I opened it on my phone (which I think this is the normal result) or 2) it will be deleted off both and on my computer there will be no record of it, not even in the deleted items folder. If anyone has any advice or could tell me what is normal or not, that would be great. Thanks alot!
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    01-20-12 11:44 AM
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    I don't know why that happens to you. I have gmail accounts and they sync when I click delete off handheld and inbox. Its weird. Maybe enable POP? I don't know. Its a wild guess.

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    01-20-12 11:56 AM
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    I have a gmail account as well and it syncs when I click delete off handheld and inbox. This is just an outlook issue.
    01-20-12 12:56 PM
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    What type of email protocol do you use in outlook ? Pop3 or IMAP ?
    While IMAP will do the trick, POP won't ... as once your message is delivered to your computer, it's not anymore "related" to the server.
    01-20-12 03:12 PM
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    Hi Superfly. I have POP3. Not sure what you mean not anymore related to server. Sorry I am not good with computer stuff haha
    01-20-12 03:48 PM
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    Hi Superfly. I have POP3. Not sure what you mean not anymore related to server. Sorry I am not good with computer stuff haha
    Well, this is the point.
    If you setup your email account under POP3 protocol, then - in brief - the process will be like :
    1. An email arrives to your server
    2. It gets "grabbed" by your BIS service/server (means : gets available for your phone)
    3. As scheduled in Outlook or "on demand" (manual send/receive) your computer connects to the POP 3 server and then TRANSFERS (not copy) the mail from your server to you computer.

    So, when the mail is on your computer, it does not exist anymore on the server. This means that the "delete on server" phone action has no purpose, unless the message has not been yet transfered to your computer by Outlook. This is why you may think "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't".

    With IMAP protocol, it's very different (in brief, again) :
    1. A message arrives to your server
    2a. It gets "grabbed" by your BIS service/server (means : gets available for your phone)
    2b. It gets "grabbed" by your Outlook (not transferred, it stays on the server)

    Then, when you read/delete a message on your phone or computer, there's an action that syncs both server and devices mailboxes. What you see on your phone or Outlook is now what actually is on the server (means not deleted), in the state you made it (read/unread).

    Hope it makes things a little clearer

    Side note : be aware that not all mail hosts are IMAP capable and that you may have to consider hosting space (remember : mails stay stored on the server until deleted) limitations if you're one of those who never delete/archive their mails ...
    01-21-12 03:48 AM
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    POP3 is really designed to be used with Outlook and all email to reside on the computer, not on the server. Even if you would use your email account with two computers with Outlook you would have the same problem. It's POP3 limitation.
    01-21-12 04:45 AM
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    Thanks alot Superfly for that description it helps clear things up. And thank you too belfast. You guys made things much more understandable to me. Lastly, in regards to my gmail account...it syncs properly when deleting off my phone, it deletes off my computer. However, if I delete an email on my computer from my gmail, it doesn't delete it on my phone. Some people have said that you have to wait and I tested it and nothing happened (I waited a whole day) and others have said that it is a limitation of BIS. Any idea?
    01-22-12 03:41 PM