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    Since Google sync no longer works and I need to be able to sync 2 calendars (mine and my wifes) I have started exploring BBM Groups for calendars. Overall it works fine even if their isn't a web interface to use. However the issue I am having is that I can create an event and it syncs to my wifes BB just fine. The issue arises when I want to delete an event. Yes it disappears from my BB but it doesn't sync to hers.

    I did use the process I found on bb.com (below) but I don't get prompted for step #5:

    #1 When you delete an appointment from a group, it no longer appears in your Calendar application.
    #2 In a group, click Calendar > View Groups Calendar.
    #3 Highlight an appointment.
    #4 Press the key > Delete > Delete.
    #5 If you created the appointment or if you are an administrator of the group, to mark the appointment as cancelled in all members' calendars, click Yes.

    I am sure that I am missing something.

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