1. g5savoy's Avatar
    I have a storm 9500 and the screen is getting overly sensative (an issue but not the one I am addressing here).

    I was trying to move the position of my 'SMS and MMS Texts' icon to a new location on my home screen. I highlighted said icon and when I hit the blackberry icon to bring up the pop up menu my overly sensative screen registered a hit to delete.

    I can send texts to others from my messages icon but I can't find the texts others send to my phone.

    I am very much in a bind and would appreciate your help if you know of anything to get into my texts and "un-delete" my SMS and MMS Texts icon.

    If I am supposed to reset to factory settings would you please explain that process as well?

    07-13-11 10:12 AM
  2. Deathcommand's Avatar
    Its hidden not deleted haha.

    If that doesnt work

    Go to messages and in general settings there should be a way to separate Messages and SMS.
    07-13-11 10:16 AM