1. mab173's Avatar
    Hi Everyone

    I have this problem, my Blackberry Bold 9650 is soo incredibly slow and a big reason is that I have over 34000 text messages from one contact still saved. It is getting to the point that the device is barely usable. I want to keep like the last month of texting between us but I want to delete the previous months of texts. Is there anyway you can delete a mass number of texts from a single sms chat while still preserving some of them? I do not want to go through one by one and deleting them.

    06-08-11 02:42 PM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    Nature abhors a vaccume, and so do applications developers. Where a native feature does not exit, look for a clever solution like:

    MobileArchiver Online - SMS Text Message Archiving & Call Tracking For Smartphones

    Worried that you might lose important text messages? Need to keep track what you said to whom for legal or auditing purposes? MobileArchiver automatically archives all your text messages. Additionally, The threaded conversation view makes reading past conversations a breeze. ...
    Then, you can delete it from your BlackBerry and restore it back to optimum preformance.
    06-08-11 03:56 PM