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    Earlier today, when I was on a phone call the phone repeated switched from headset to speaker. I was unable to continue the call. I thought it was a bad os. So I wiped the device and reinstalled .250. I immediately made a call and the phone was doing it again, repeatedly switching from headset to speaker. So I downgraded to .231 but it didn't fix the issue. Finally, I plugged a pair of headphones in and unplugged them. I did it a few times and the issue went away. This has never happened before. Should I be afraid that my headphone jack is defective? I really don't want to have to send the phone it. I've had it since march of 09. Its working fine since. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Cliff notes:
    - during a call, phone kept switching from headset to speaker
    - thought it was an os problem
    - plugged a pair of headphones in and unplugged a few times
    - worried about a possible headphone jack issue

    Thanks for reading.

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    09-08-09 02:16 AM
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    i have this exact same problem with my blackberry storm. when i listen to music i can only use handset and speaker no headset. when i use apps like youtube and slacker it does exactly what you describe, switching back and forth between headset and speaker. it began when i started using os and it still does it with its definately an os issue, as soon as i go back to the headphones work again but i dont know how to fix this its bugging the **** out of me
    09-18-09 01:17 PM