1. ulnek's Avatar
    i have been having some problems with the email address my device picks to send the email from. i've noticed that even though i set the default service email to what i want, my device still picks my email address by alphabetical order and i can't seem to reorder them. the only way i have found to really change my default email address is to completely delete the email addresses prior to the one i want. however when i add them back, of course they get rearranged alphabetically again and it again picks the first one on the list.

    is there anyway to reorder the priority of those email addresses and have my device choose the proper default email address instead of it going by alphabetical order. changing the default services email under advanced options does NOTHING.

    >_< help!
    05-24-09 10:26 PM
  2. dragonsamus's Avatar
    Bump! I want to know this too.

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    05-24-09 11:41 PM
  3. ulnek's Avatar
    so i'm not the only one having a problem? wow good to know. >_<
    05-25-09 01:02 AM
  4. Onael's Avatar
    I find that rather irritating, also. There's gotta to be an app or something out there.

    05-30-09 06:01 AM
  5. ulnek's Avatar
    what? so there's no way to actually set a default "sending" email address? this is just amazing to me. they could pack a phone with such features but you can't actually set a default email.... that's just one giant failure or oversight. it's like making a birthday cake and forgetting to actually put "happy birthday" on it. sure it's still fine, but if you're actually going to make a "birthday" cake, maybe it should have it on there. sigh....
    05-30-09 06:40 AM
  6. phatboy5015's Avatar
    Maybe try a battery pull? Cause I have mine set to my preferred address and it works every time...

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    05-30-09 06:48 AM
  7. pdl2mtl90's Avatar
    I have the same problem. Have not found a solution that works yet!
    05-30-09 06:52 AM
  8. a_silent_song's Avatar
    I have mine set to a default and it works just fine, no issues. So it's possible, but to be honest, I'm not sure why your setting isn't sticking.

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    05-30-09 07:08 AM
  9. ulnek's Avatar
    to those who have it set to their default with no problems (a_silent_song and phatboy5015), would that email address happen to be the first email on the list that you have?

    also, where did you set that email address?

    how many email addresses do you use on your blackberry.

    and no, battery pull does not work lol. i've had to do that many times for other issues and it has not affected email.
    06-02-09 09:00 AM