1. darescot's Avatar
    Hi everyone.
    I need tips about how to make a particular browser my default on a Bold 9900 ,instead of links opening automatically with the built in browser. Apart from having a data plan, I get charged on my airtime balance when I visit some data intensive sites on my Bold 9900. I believe with a third- party browser that compresses sites,I won't have that problem again. Thanks Y'all.
    11-15-12 01:43 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums.

    BlackBerry is known for their data compression. I don't think any other browser would actually be able to match that.

    BOLT used to have a feature to do what you're asking, but the app was killed some time ago... You can try to find it on AppWorld, or maybe an OTA link. What you really need is to make sure you go for the mobile version of the sites you visit.
    11-15-12 01:58 PM

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