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    Ok I have seen many people ask this question, and aside from the generic "reformat you sd card responce" I have not found any solutions to the following problem:

    "A media card has been inserted that contains encrypted content which will be unaccessible by this device. Please place the media card in the original device to access the content."

    My first curve was physically damaged and was replaced. I didnt know the encryption was set on the first device and now my data isnt accessable on the new one (an 8310 curve from ATT). I contacted the best buy to see if they still had my old phone, which they did not. So now the question I and a lot of others on these forums have is now do we decrypt the files on the card. Again I have important data on the card, so I can not reformat it to have the card paired to the new device. Obviously this will need to be done with 3rd party software, as I dont think anything on the device will do this. I am going to contact blackberry on monday to see if they know of anything, but in the mean time if someone knows what software I could use to access he files, I and a lot of others here would appreciate the information. I'm going to do some digging around also and will post any finds for others to view.

    08-08-09 10:05 AM
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    Did you ever get any information on how to fix this problem? Thanks

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    08-24-09 09:02 PM
  3. hondateg91's Avatar
    trying to figure this one out too.
    08-24-09 10:11 PM
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    I'm having the same issue, well sort of. My BB encrypted some videos I shot and turned them into two files each, a large one with a .3GP.lock extension and a smaller one with a .3GP.lock3 extension. I've checked every setting, Googled the **** out of this, and I haven't come up with a single solution. Roxio-for-BB was so problematic I had to uninstall it from my machine, but I kept it around long enough to find out that it couldn't or wouldn't decrypt my videos during the copy process. I am livid.
    11-23-09 03:29 PM
  5. hootyhoo's Avatar
    I don't know wether or not the software exists to do what you want but if it does its going to have to be pretty amazing stuff. The whole idea for encryption is to make sure if your sd card is lost or stolen that it cannot be read by someone else.

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    11-23-09 07:42 PM
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    The whole idea for encryption is to make sure if your sd card is lost or stolen that it cannot be read by someone else.
    Exactly. I'd be a little worried if you COULD find a solution on how to decrypt stuff that the BB encrypted on the SD card. Now, maybe if you send it to the NSA and have them decrypt it with their supercomputers, but otherwise......
    11-23-09 08:28 PM
  7. afropoika's Avatar
    Wouldn't require NSA level security, just someone to reverse the encryption and find a way to emulate the other device to calculate a proper hash with the required salt. Definitely possible to do, no one ever has found the time or interest to do it though, just saying you don't need NSA for this.

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    11-24-09 01:34 AM
  8. Fuzzballz's Avatar
    just someone to reverse the encryption and find a way to emulate the other device to calculate a proper hash
    Just a genius and $100,000 in equipment.

    And a whole lotta time.
    11-24-09 02:32 AM
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    I've read a few of these "encrypted sd card" stories and that does seem to be a problem if the original device really dies - the encryption dies with the device.

    Making a backup would not help since the files would still be encrypted. So making a "clear text - unencrypted" backup is what people should be doing.

    Of course, this does not help when people are unaware that encryption is ON and it is inadvertent.

    Good luck
    11-24-09 09:00 AM
  10. bluz's Avatar
    it's pretty difficult to decrypt the card.. it involves lot of energy and man hour..but it's worth it depending on the value of the lost data..
    11-24-09 09:28 AM
  11. liquidcoolant's Avatar
    I've got also this problem. Is there a solution for this now?
    08-11-10 09:38 PM
  12. JNM's Avatar
    That's the security problem with external storage on smartphones...this causes people not to encrypt anything and leave themselves open to having data out in the open. There must be a way to allow encryption while also allowing use on other devices.
    08-11-10 09:51 PM
  13. m.jeddy's Avatar
    Thats not nice!! Why encrypt if you basically gona dump all that data used on the older device!
    05-16-13 06:45 AM
  14. m.jeddy's Avatar
    There is a work around this issue. I was able to decrypt photos and videos sending it by bluetooth to your PC or the new device. Apparently the file will decrypt this way. Using NFC helps expediting the process as well.

    05-16-13 10:18 AM
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    Hi m.jeddy, I have the same prob as gemini but it doesn't give the option to Bluetooth. Is there anyyhing else I cud try to decrypt? The original fone crashed.
    05-05-14 08:31 PM
  16. candy199008's Avatar
    Did u ever got thru?
    05-05-14 08:31 PM
  17. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    You can encrypt to password or encrypt to device (or both). Anything encrypted involving device is inaccessible when you change devices. To decrypt, before you switch devices, connect your device to your PC and copy the files through BlackBerry Desktop Manager to your PC. This will decrypt when you copy the files. Then you can format the media card, insert into the new device, and copy it back.
    05-06-14 06:41 AM
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    Decrypting your SD card-1338591d1389221625-wruw-wed-thread_necromancy.jpg
    05-06-14 06:45 AM