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    I don't quite no what next phone to get. I've been looking at a blackberry for quite a while now but i'm not quite sure which one to get :/
    I'm still in school and everyone seems to have one and none of my friends really use texts anymore, as BBM seems to be the trend these days, but the only problem I seem to be facing is making a good decision on which BlackBerry to get. I can't make the decision between the newer blackberry models, any advice?
    09-12-11 01:47 PM
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    Hi, and welcome to Crackberry.

    What carrier do you have?

    Do you like an all touchscreen device, or do you prefer a device that has a QWERTY keypad?

    My suggestion would be to first visit your carrier's store and play with the different devices that they have.

    Do you friends have older or newer devices? If your friends have the newer models, you could also try their devices and see how you like them.
    09-12-11 01:56 PM
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    My carrier is Orange (I'm in the UK)
    And I've played with my brother's blackberry Bold 9700, and i do like it, I especially love the keyboard, so i was leaning more to the new Bold 9900, as i do like my touch screen phones too, and it has the best of both worlds but I've heard it hasn't got as good as a battery as other models :/, as i do use my current phone a lot for texting, browsing, playing music and games and so on.
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    09-12-11 02:14 PM
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    And HI there
    09-12-11 02:18 PM