1. guerllamo7's Avatar
    Dear Bla1ze,
    Thank you for your report on internet speeds vs. other phones I like to see your reports because you seem to give us the Dragnet version, "just the facts" vs. the spin.
    However, I wanted to ask you to consider that using wifi may have placed BB at a disadvantage because although they were essentially the same on wifi, on the carrier networks the HSDPA (14.4Mbps) vs 1xEV-DO rev (3.1Mbps) actually means much faster times in favor of the BB Bold 9930. More than 4.5X faster which translates to about 15-20% faster internet times for the new BB. Also, the BB sips data usage vs. iP gulper.

    Either way, I am mostly on wifi and I love this new BB because of the keyboard, world phone capability on Sprint and Verizon, new back-up to SD card, better push, and other things just not available on the iP.
    08-13-11 08:17 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Totally agree.. though, I'm not sure about the speeds on CDMA networks, I'm a GSM user with no CDMA accounts to test anything out on. Sowwy!
    08-13-11 01:31 PM