1. 007Storm's Avatar
    Okay so u know how when u want to type your pin. you type mypin and hit the space bar and presto your pin shows up.

    Just like myver spacebar and your version software pops up.

    Well what about the actual Date. Is there anything u can do as a short cut to show todays date pop up. Kind of a simple thing no?? But i tried searching and didnt find a thing.

    Furthermore any more short cuts anyone else know about and cares to share??

    02-03-12 06:37 PM
  2. mark37724's Avatar
    LD then space bar.
    02-03-12 07:58 PM
  3. kirk89's Avatar
    LD then space bar.
    I do not understand .. Can you explain more?
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    02-03-12 08:00 PM
  4. mark37724's Avatar
    I do not understand .. Can you explain more?
    If you are sending an email or in a doc, type LD then space bar and it will enter date.
    02-03-12 08:12 PM
  5. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    if you type "LD" then hit space it will give you the date in mm/dd/yy format.

    ALT+SHIFT+DEL will do a soft reset, same as a battery pull without taking off your case. theres one for the help menu too but i cant remember it at the moment
    02-03-12 08:12 PM
  6. 007Storm's Avatar
    Wicked!! Thx Mark, is there a list of other short cuts like this as well that im missing out on??
    02-03-12 08:14 PM
  7. mark37724's Avatar
    Someone posted this recently, I apologize that I can't give credit where credit is due:
    The Ultimate Blackberry Phone Tips and Tricks < Hardware < PCWorld India How To < PCWorld.in
    02-03-12 08:17 PM
  8. 007Storm's Avatar
    LT space for the local time!!
    02-03-12 08:22 PM
  9. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    shift and delete will delete the entire msg.
    02-03-12 08:29 PM