1. sjs8906's Avatar
    I just got my first BlackBerry a few days ago, so I am still in the process of figuring everything out. At first I was kind of worried when I discovered that there is a 5GB data limit, but I have finally realized that I should not even come close to going over that.

    A few questions though:

    1) I do not have a text messaging plan, so I usually just send emails. However, when I saw that you send an email from the same folder in which you send a text, this got me kind of worried that I will be charged for a text message? I hope not!

    2) (Just to clarify) When I downloaded Pandora it warned me that streaming music may use a lot of data & I may be charged for it. Will it really use so much that I do not need to use Pandora?

    3) Is there anything else that could add extra charges to my bill? I don't need any unexpected charges so I want to be careful!

    09-05-09 05:23 PM
  2. paulwright1's Avatar
    You should be fine with Pandora. Other than text messages not being on your account you should be done with what you have. If you do send any text messages you will be charged for them. You could always add the basic plan just tp be safe.

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    09-05-09 05:30 PM
  3. Sajan Parikh's Avatar
    Emails, MMS, SMS, and other notification are all in the messages messages app. So as long as you know it was an Email...it's an email.

    As far as data usage goes, most carriers offer a way to look up how much you've used. So just use your phone casually and check online how much you've used. Adjust yourself that way.
    09-05-09 07:31 PM