1. Mark Johannes's Avatar
    The BB10 really interests me. I'm near the end of a contract and thinking of changing over to RIM and Blackberry. Will there be an easy way to transfer my data from the Droid to the BB. I am using Lookout for security and backup if that's any help. Thanks for your help!
    01-17-13 08:35 PM
  2. anon(1049620)'s Avatar
    Not necessarily a way to transfer "data" to your BB from your droid, but your BB should sync up with Google's servers pretty easily, so your mail, contacts, calendar, etc. (if you use GMail) should be in sync the moment you set up your account. Welcome
    01-18-13 12:54 AM
  3. amjass12's Avatar

    syncing is the way I find works best.... I tried and tested it with my playbook and its perfect. got every single contact from my 9900 to my pb jst by gmail syncing... and its even better with fb and twitter integration as the contacts app is really meaty... a ton of information on any one my contacts not just their phone number, plus social updates right there and then using that app..... sorry went off on a tangent but yh... syncing works very well! and yes for calender also!
    01-18-13 05:20 AM

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