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    Hi, so this is what happened:

    A few weeks ago I upgraded my OS to 6.0 and everything has been working fine. Then a few days ago I changed my rate plan with Telus and for some reason since then, my data hasn't been working at all. I can still make and receive calls and text messages, it's only my data. The 3G symbol still appears in the corner and I've already tried turning all connections off, battery pull and turning it back on, it doesn't seem to have any effect. I'm using the Blackberry Pearl 3G btw.

    The reason I'm posting is because Telus told me to call back on a different phone. I don't have any other phones, so as a last resort to borrowing a friend's or using a payphone, I wanted to see if anybody else has had this problem.

    Thanks for any help!
    04-10-11 10:40 PM
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    Hmm. Let me see. Since you changed your telco recently, have you delete the service books?

    Well I not sure how this will solve it (it might) but you can give a try. Delete the old service book and resend the new one.

    I hope this helps as I myself not sure how to solve this.

    Worst case is wipe and install selected data (restore).

    Good luck!
    04-10-11 11:03 PM
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    You do have a BB Data plan right? Try doing an HRT reset, go to Options, then Device, then Advanced, then Host Routing, then press the BB button and select Register Now. Then do a Send Service Books, go to Email Setup in the Setup Folder or on your Homescreen, and then sign on with your user name and password, then press the BB button and select Service Books, then Send Service Books. Finally do a battery pull.
    04-10-11 11:07 PM
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    Same thing happened to me on Fido... I was without data for several days. Everything was setup correctly. I talked to Fido several times on the phone, and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. It just stopped working suddenly one day.

    I was on vacation the month before, and had activated a "Caribbean data travel pack". My data stopped working on the same day that my Caribbean travel pack expired. I suspected it had something to do with that, but I didn't know what.

    As a last resort, I called Fido and asked them to remove my data plan, and then put it back on my account in an attempt to "reset" it. I was told by 3 CSR's that it wouldn't help, and it wouldn't do anything, and blah blah blah... and they didn't do it. Then finally a 4th one agreed to try it, and... my data started working again within about 2 minutes. I don't know if that will work for you, but it worked for me!
    04-10-11 11:08 PM
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    Hi thanks for the input!

    A little more information that I just noticed. When I wake up in the morning I notice that my Blackberry is turned off and all the battery is drained. I've gone to sleep without it plugged in two nights in a row to check, and even if it's full charge, in the morning it will be completely drained and the phone will be turned off. I don't really know what would make it do that.

    I've seen a lot of posts saying I should send the service books, but I can't get into Email Setup, it says "Your device had a problem connecting to the server."

    Just to clarify, I didn't switch companies, I just chose a new plan with more data. I'll try calling Telus again, hopefully they'll know what's going on.
    04-11-11 08:01 AM
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    Just an update, just in case anybody else is having problems.

    I called Telus and this time the customer service rep realized they had given me the wrong plan. Well, the plan was right, but it was the non-blackberry version. Apparently the input code or something is different for blackberry's and the two previous customer service reps did not realize there was a mistake. So they quickly changed it for me, did a battery pull and everything was working fine.

    Thanks for all your input!
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    04-13-11 08:41 AM
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    Glad you got it straightened out. Yea they probably did not have you provisioned for BB data, or what we call BIS. They had you on a regular smartphone data plan. Same price, similar plan, BUT the BB version works a little different because it goes thru a special server, and requires different codes and programming on the side of the carrier.
    04-13-11 09:40 AM